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Daniel Radcliffe sends sexy letters to his co-star!

BANG Showbiz
London, September 30, 2008

The Harry Potter actor is currently starring alongside Lorenzo Pisoni in the Broadway production of the play - in which Daniel bares all for his role as a horse-obsessed stable boy - and has revealed he gave the 31-year-old actor a series of raunchy notes on the show's opening night.

Daniel said: "We're getting on very well indeed. I've written some really, really deeply sexual things on some of the cards I've given him for opening night.

But just to wind him up, you know." The 19-year-old star added he is in awe of Lorenzo, terming him "cool" and "gorgeous" before claiming he would even consider marrying him if he was gay.

He said: "He's great. He's a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I'd just want to marry him. He's gorgeous, and he's really cool bloke as well." Daniel also revealed he has received a series of strange presents from his fans including masks and plastic limbs, and is determined to convince one obsessed girl not to get his autograph tattooed on her arm.

He is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "This girl called Anna, she said, 'Could you sign my wrist please?' And I said, 'Fine.' And she said, 'Because I'm thinking of getting it tattooed.'

"Anna, I really urge you not to get the tattoo. I'm very flattered and it's been lovely to meet you, and I'm sure I will again, but I wouldn't advise a tattoo."

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